Welcome to my journey

robertwasley website picI appreciate your interest in Transitionalism and my connection to it.  Transitionalism identifies our need to find meaning as that which defines and motivates us, as well as infusing us and our actions with a spiritual essence. It engenders a new perspective of the world and of ourselves, challenging us to re-examine familiar ideas, and laying the grounds for the formation of new values, and with it a renewal of our personal sense of purpose. It is in this way that Transitionalism offers the potential for a more fulfilling life for all of us together as a society and for each of us as individuals.

As the first advocate of this new perspective, I would like to present my blog The Transitionalist to serve as a guide for the new adventure we are taking together. If your interest extends to how Transitionalism came to be, you can read My Journey and in the process come to know something about me.  Feel free to contact me with your questions or comments.


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