Transitionalism: An Overview

brighter_future2For this post I would like to present to you a brief overview of what Transitionalism is, how it differs from other proposals, and word of how its goals are to be achieved. If you are interested in a little more detailed survey I invite you to view the video “An Introduction to Transitionalism”.

What We Are Now Facing
There is a good deal of discussion about how humanity stands at a crossroads reflected in the pervasive sense of imminent crisis. Such perceptions are to be expected in times of anxiety and a deep feeling of not being in control of circumstances and events. The anxiety and anger reflects the lack of confidence and inability of the current religious/ ideological framework to meet these challenges, leading to a widespread call for change. But people don’t know what to change to contributing further to the anxiety and frustration. Because of this, much of the 21st century will be a difficult period.

If we continue to anxiously grasp and hold onto our current self-image — both as individuals and as a society — we are condemned to continue on our often self-destructive path. Alternatively, we can make use of this opportunity by expanding our view of ourselves, allowing us to walk another path toward a better future.

What is Transitionalism?
Transitionalism is both a worldview and program advocating positive social change in response to the challenges facing us.

How is Transitionalism Different?
Though there are other proposed movements or organizations that might deal with one or a few of the issues facing us, no proposal incorporates all of them.
• Transitionalism is the successor to the prevailing religious/ideological perspective. In this way Transitionalism stands beyond the current dichotomies of individual vs collective, religious vs secular, rational vs emotional, artificial vs natural, and internal self vs external self by embodying them within a spiritual, social, and technological whole, establishing the foundation for a new era of social and individual integration.
• The nature of human beings is not collective or individualistic, but social and individual requiring that future programs for social change must address the needs of both individuals and society together.
• Transitionalism is spiritual because in possessing self-reflective consciousness there has emerged the question of why we exist which motivates our thoughts, choices, and actions in all things in pursuit of an answer or acting on the presumption of having found one.
• According to existing religious/spiritual systems, “meaning” emerges from the world to be understood by human beings. Transitionalism states that human beings is the source of meaning as being a product of human existence and experience.
• Transitionalism combines principles and practice to prepare individuals and society to build better lives and positively engage present and future challenges.

Transitionalism’s Social Program
“A better society makes better individuals, better individuals make for a better society” embodies Transitionalism’s agenda for positive social change by pursuing two parallel and complementary approaches.

• The Transitionalist community will participate with other individuals and organizations to form an alliance to effect substantive positive social change by employing a holistic approach to solve, not simply manage, social ills.
• For those who want to incorporate Transitionalist principles into their daily life, there are recommended practices of individual self-actualization, coupled with community building and participation.

How Do I Get Involved?
The success of the Transitionalist community grows by changing the reality of people’s lives for the better by encouraging more people to participate. Tell friends and family or others who you think would be interested about these programs. If you are part of a group, we would very much like to discuss how we could work together.

I hope this presentation encouraged you to find out more about Transitionalism. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the space below.