Movement for Social Evolution

Both the economic and political system as we have known them are on a trajectory of steep decline. This state of affairs is exemplified by the pending expansion of automation in America’s workplace, such as with the introduction of self-driving vehicles threatening an impact deeper and broader than the effects of globalization on employment in manufacturing in the 1970s and 80s. Moreover, this same technology, together with associated advances in manufacturing technology and materials science, also promise to introduce a new epoch of post-scarcity undercutting the principle of valuation in the free market. So it should be clear the world as we have known it is fast disappearing; soon to be gone altogether. How we face the challenge as a society has everything to do with whether the path we take is a positive or negative one.

At An Inflection Point

On January 20, 2017, Donald John Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States to preside over a nation that has not been so divided since before the Civil War. The Republican Party now controls the Executive and both branches of the Legislature....

From Animal to Human

A basic understanding of Transitionalism can be found by exploring four main points. The first is the question of meaning: why are we here and what is the purpose of our existence. The second relates to where have we come from, where we are now and where are we going. Based on our desire for a positive future, the third point relates to what do we need to do that will allow us to realize such goals. Lastly, how are we to go about mobilizing people and resources to make this agenda happen.

Ending Class Conflict

Ending Class Conflict This month I want to speak to a gaping schism between the different economic classes. In particular, between the wealthy class and the rest of society. Class conflict has existed throughout history. Borrowing from Hegel’s theory of the dialectic,...

Humans and the Environment

In the 1999 movie “The Matrix”, there is a scene where Morpheus, a revolutionary leader fighting the machines for the liberation of humanity, has been captured and is being interrogated by Mr. Smith, who represents a part of the Matrix’s defense mechanism. Mr. Smith...