U.S. Presidential Election So Far

U.S. Presidential Election So Far The political conventions in Cincinnati and Philadelphia were extraordinary, if for nothing else their difference in tone. The Republican convention, widely derided as the “The Trump Show”, dwelled on creating a picture of a...

Abundance Book Review

This book is an excellent antidote to the pervasive dystopic tone dominating the media and public opinion. Diamandis and Kotler address this directly in Chapter Three “Seeing the Forest Through the Trees” which discusses how evolution has prepared us well for life on the grassland and in forests but not so well for a life with few real hazards and exponential technological growth curves, and how it interferes with our sense of possibility in being able to solve basic material problems such as global poverty.

The New Leisure Society-Ready or Not

A life without toil has always been a dream of humanity, but one actually enjoyed by only the very few at the top of the social hierarchy. Since the beginning of the industrial era, the number of those who have been able to enjoy leisure has greatly expanded due to subsequent wealth creation due to the augmentation of human labor afforded by technology.

What Does Being Human Mean?

We identify ourselves as human beings to distinguish us from animals and machines. Yet, what does the term actually mean? This is a philosophical question with real consequence. Unlike in the past, in light of research regarding animal intelligence and the...