From Animal to Human

A basic understanding of Transitionalism can be found by exploring four main points. The first is the question of meaning: why are we here and what is the purpose of our existence. The second relates to where have we come from, where we are now and where are we going. Based on our desire for a positive future, the third point relates to what do we need to do that will allow us to realize such goals. Lastly, how are we to go about mobilizing people and resources to make this agenda happen.

Book Review: The Mindful Geek

The Mindful Geek, Michael W. Taft, Cephalopod Rex Publishing, Kensington, CA, 2015. Until recently, the practice of meditation was found primarily in the eastern spiritual religious traditions whose practice has stretched over thousands of years. Since the early...

Beyond Employment

The July 3, 2015 post “A Leisure Society Ready or Not” presented Transitionalism as the best approach; specifically as it relates to pending large scale unemployment due to automation, but more generally in how technology will impact our lives. I concluded the post with three points. The first, Transitionalism was the best solution because it embodies a value system that not only anticipates but applauds such a development. Second, comprehensive automation would allow people to devote their energies and time to improving themselves as human beings and society. Thirdly, if we are to derive the advantages offered us by such a development we need to shift from our tendency to do enough just to get by and begin setting higher expectations for ourselves and the society we live in.

The New Leisure Society-Ready or Not

A life without toil has always been a dream of humanity, but one actually enjoyed by only the very few at the top of the social hierarchy. Since the beginning of the industrial era, the number of those who have been able to enjoy leisure has greatly expanded due to subsequent wealth creation due to the augmentation of human labor afforded by technology.

Humans and the Environment

In the 1999 movie “The Matrix”, there is a scene where Morpheus, a revolutionary leader fighting the machines for the liberation of humanity, has been captured and is being interrogated by Mr. Smith, who represents a part of the Matrix’s defense mechanism. Mr. Smith...